Will and Grace makes a comeback

Will and Grace makes a comeback

Prudence Nowicki and Rachel Stofanak

After 11 years Will and Grace came back on Thursday night for a ninth season premiere that fans had been eagerly anticipating.

Will and Grace premiered in 1998, revealing a show that set a new standard for comedy while making headlines for being one of the first TV shows to feature gay characters. During its initial run, Will and Grace was nominated for 83 awards and won 16 of them.

Fans enjoyed how the show tackled controversial topics and made them humorous at the same time. The revival continued this trend with scathing political commentary that also drew laughs.

Will and Grace features four main characters: Will, a lawyer, Grace, a single interior designer, Jack, a narcissistic and flamboyant performer, and Karen, a rich alcoholic. The random quadruplet come together to make a quirky and groundbreaking comedy.

At the end of the original series, Will and Grace were married with kids. But in the new season, they make fun of the idea of them having kids and move along as if that hadn’t happened.

In the new episode, Will and Grace discuss the political changes brought by the new president. Grace is hired to redecorate the Oval Office, and Will goes to watch a congressman he finds attractive, both of them going against their political beliefs.

The series premiere was no disappointment and leaves high hopes for the rest of season.