The Purbalite

2019-2020 Staff

Bianca Puglin

Club Member

Bianca Puglin is a sophomore and a first-year club member. She runs solely on iced coffee and sarcasm, and her hobbies include drawing, hiking, and not sleeping at night.  

Victoria Di Cesare

Sports Editor

Junior Victoria Di Cesare is a sports editor who is obsessed with anything and everything soccer. Her weekends consist of soccer and homework. Her weeknights consist of double the amount of soccer and homework. Her very slim amo...

Jaiman White

Multimedia Editor

Multimedia Editor Jaiman White is a senior and this is his third year on The Purbalite staff. Jaiman can be seen in his natural habitat, in the back corner of the Purbalite room, making his case for why the UFC is awesome....

Tyler Zeman

Staff Writer

Tyler Zeman is a senior and a third-year staff writer. He can be found on the soccer field or outside doing outdoor things. 

Ethan Coulehan

Staff Writer

Ethan is a senior and a second-year staff writer. When he’s not writing really good headlines, he is talking about sports.  

Caden Harsh

Staff Writer

Caden is a senior and a second-year staff writer. When he’s not pointing out the flaws in the new Star Wars movies, he can be found on the track or debating what the best movies are with his friends....

Brooke Scanlon

Staff Writer

Brooke is a sophomore and a second-year staff writer. She normally can be found at taekwondo, singing, or running on the track. In her free time, she can be found spending time with friends or watching shows on the Food Network.

Sarah Watkins

Staff Writer

Sarah Watkins is a senior and a second-year staff writer. She can be found in the Taco Bell drive-thru listening to Slayyyter. She also enjoys binging Tana Mongeau’s videos. 

Zachary Wyse

Staff Writer

Zack Wyse is a first-year staff writer who really likes cross country and track. He also likes wearing vans on the wall.

Lena Barakat

Sports Editor

Lena Barakat is a sports editor and this is her second year on the Purbalite. She likes listening to The Smiths, Amy Winehouse, and Talking Heads. When she isn’t trying to finish her homework without getting distracted or a...

Mason Hurley

Staff Writer

Mason Hurley is a junior and second-year staff writer. He always has a clean pair of Jordans, Nikes, Adidas, or Yeezys on, and may be seen in bright yellow Air Force Ones.  

Cassie Snyder

Magazine Editor

Cassie Snyder is a senior and a Magazine editor for the Purbalite. She participates in the color guard and school musical. She is usually found either staring into space or drinking a Baja Blast Freeze....

Grace Hampton

Multimedia Editor

Grace Hampton is a junior multimedia editor and is in her second year on staff. She is a sideline and competitive cheerleader and is a member of the lacrosse team. She can often be found standing on tables in the middle of a de...

Erin Fader

Design Editor

Erin Fader is a senior and the design editor for the Purbalite. You can usually find her either cheering on the Baldwin Highlanders or sitting in a cocoon of blankets reading fan fiction. She also enjoys anything having to do wi...

Eli Achtzehn

Staff Writer

Eli Achtzehn is a senior and third-year staff writer. He enjoys playing the drums and can be found on the lacrosse field or in your heart.  

Colton Brain

Staff Writer

Colton is a junior and a second-year staff writer. He is a big sports fan and especially loves football and baseball. He loves to give his takes on the NFL and MLB.

Pratiksha Timsina

Staff Writer

Pratiksha Timsina is a sophomore and a second-year staff writer. She can either be found listening to music, procrastinating, or discussing astrology. When she’s not being a chatterbox, she’s writing or drawing. ...

Lindsay Bonetti

News Editor

News Editor Lindsay Bonetti is a junior and this is her second year on the Purbalite. She can be found playing softball, constantly listening to Taylor Swift, or watching HGTV. She also has a strong hatred for popcorn....

Alli Schroeder

Multimedia Editor

Alli Schroeder is a multimedia editor in her second year on staff. When she is not writing, she can be found swimming away her problems on the Baldwin swim team.   

Elizabeth Perston

Staff Writer

Elizabeth Perston is a features editor and second-year writer on the Purbalite. When she’s not browsing Pinterest, she can be found thrift shopping and planning outfits for the next month.

Grace Esposito

News Editor

Grace Esposito is a senior news editor in her third year on staff. She can usually be found either procrastinating on her homework or taking long walks on the beach with her dog.

Astrid Senko

Multimedia Editor

Astrid Senko is a second year staff writer and a first year multimedia editor. She is a drum major and a full time band nerd. When she is not on the field waving her arms aimlessly, you can find her yelling at the woodwinds ab...

Adam Goldsboro

Multimedia Editor

Adam Goldsboro is a senior Multimedia Editor in his third year on staff, and he can found on the soccer field or the basketball court.  

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