Blackbear has same sound in new album


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The artist Blackbear has released a new album, called Anonymous.

Sarah Watkins, Staff Writer

Matt Musto, better known as Blackbear, has released his fifth album, Anonymous. Here’s a spoiler: It sounds the same as his last four.

Musto’s sound flips between pop and hip-hop, virtually making it indistinguishable from music on mainstream radio. While his posts over social media convey the message that Anonymous is his best work to date, many fans do not agree.

The record starts off with “Pink Rolex,” a song that describes the luxuries he obtains within his Hollywood lifestyle. This type of “flex” is also shown through tracks like “It’s All Gonna Burn” and “Drug Dealer,” glorifying a life of partying.

The rest of album expands on his past relationship and how it hurt him. Tracks like “Hate My Guts” and “Dead Balloons” describe how he had fun in the relationship and regrets its ending. But contradictory tracks like “Down” and “1 Sided Love” explain how the love didn’t feel authentic or real, and he regrets ever getting involved.

Ultimately, if fans are looking for something new, they’re not getting it with this record. Musto has an original sound, but how original can it be after five albums of the same songs?