Tomb Raider supplies two hours of girl power


Michaela Cavataio, Feature Editor

After such iconic female characters as Katniss Everdeen and Wonder Woman, the “girl power” regime has taken hold of the film industry, and the newest addition arrives with Tomb Raider.

Starring Alicia Vikander, the movie follows Lara Croft as she follows her missing father’s research to a mysterious island. There she must fight for survival against those inhabiting the island and the dire threat hidden somewhere there.

Though at first glance the movie comes off as just another cliched action adventure, Tomb Raider quickly begins to separate itself from the classic adventure plots and action sequences.

The CGI effects are not exaggerated and there is no eye-rolling twist at the end that ruins the entire movie. It is a surprising relief from the typical movie, and with a cliffhanger ending there is hope for a sequel.  

For those seeking a suspenseful two hours of girl power, Tomb Raider is the right choice.