Degenhardt likes team’s chemistry


Photo by Adam Goldsboro

Senior Andy Degenhardt focuses on scoring points at a basketball game before taking a shot. He has played the sport since third grade.

Caden Harsh, Staff Writer

He played for fun in third grade, and briefly had second thoughts about sticking with it in high school. But good chemistry with his team and coaches led senior Andrew Degenhardt to a leadership role on this year’s boys basketball team.

I asked and my mom was hesitant, but my dad convinced her and brought me to the first tryout.”

— Andy Degenhardt

Degenhardt was introduced to the sport as a youth because his father encouraged him to try it.

“Basketball was the first sport I played because my parents let me choose,” Degenhardt said.

He played for two years for Baldwin’s third grade in-house program.

“It was more fun because it was less about wins and losses than it is at the high school level,” Degenhardt said. “My inspiration was that it was the first sport I fell in love with as a kid.”

His father was a big part of the reason he got involved.

“He was the one who let me start playing in third grade,” Degenhardt said. “I asked and my mom was hesitant, but my dad convinced her and brought me to the first tryout.”

Degenhardt then played the rest of his grade school years for St. Gabriel’s basketball program. The team had an outstanding record, only losing two games in four years, and winning the section every year that he was there.

Degenhardt carried his love for the sport into his high school career. He has played on the Baldwin team since his freshman year.

This year feels better than earlier seasons, he said.

“I feel like this year we have better chemistry than my previous three years.” Degenhardt said. “I enjoy being around the coaching staff and my teammates. We all put a lot of time into winning games.”

Junior Connor Lavelle said Degenhardt plays an important role on the team.

“He’s a great leader and he’ll always be there for you,” Lavelle said. “He’s the soul of the team and handles the ball a lot. He’s one of our better shooters.”

As the team works through the season, the student section plays a key supporting role, Degenhardt said.

“We love the support from our students and all our fans,” Degenhardt said. “We feed off of their energy.”
Degenhardt is unsure whether or not he will continue playing in college.

“If the opportunity comes and I choose that it’s the right fit, I will play in college,” he said.