The Witcher is the new hit fantasy series


Photo via Netflix

The Witcherbrilliantly combines an enriching story with amazing special effects.

Caden Harsh, Staff Writer

Fantasy fans looking for a new series since Game of Thrones ended can rest easy: The Witcher is here.

The Witcher follows a monster-hunting mutant as he battles monsters and travels the continent, while also having to survive in a world where people distrust and hate his kind. Despite this hatred, the witcher stills works to protect the people from mythical beasts.

The show brilliantly combines an enriching story with amazing special effects. From the very first episode, the writers showcase how to perfectly blend action and drama.

Henry Cavill is a perfect fit for the role of the witcher Geralt of Rivia, the brooding and often cynical protagonist, and Anya Chalotra brings the role of the powerful sorceress Yennefer to life, creating a very believable relationship between the two. Their interactions with the rest of the cast all feel natural, not forced.

While the show does have a confusing storyline that is hard to follow at times, it makes up for that by keeping the audience entertained with its action and special effects.