Role Model’s EP not quite perfect

Role Model's EP a lyric success, but is not quite perfect.

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Role Model's EP a lyric success, but is not quite perfect.

Elizabeth Perston, Magazine Editor

Indie singer Tucker Pillsbury, better known by his stage name Role Model, delivers hard-hitting lyrics and bright vocals on his new EP, Oh, How Perfect.

Oh, How Perfect conveys the message of how life has its trials and tribulations, but things ultimately turn out for the better.

That message is quickly made clear in “Hello,” when Pillsbury sings about loneliness following a breakup. The songs following “Hello” reiterate that message, and discuss the darker moments of life.

However, the album takes a turn in the penultimate song, “Say it First.” Here, Pillsbury focuses on the promises of new relationships, and the fresh starts they bring.

Oh, How Perfect is neatly wrapped up by the song “Thank You for Coming,” in which Pillsbury acknowledges the role each of his conflicts played in shaping him as a person.

Overall, the EP is a success lyrically. It packs both somber emotion and catchy choruses into just six songs, a feat worth recognition.

Even so, Oh, How Perfect is lacking the musical variation that would make it truly engaging. Each song features the same basic foundation, with little distinction in melodies. 

Because of this, the first tracks may seem fresh, but by the time listeners reach the EP’s end, it has lost its charm.