Uncut Gems creates a different kind of character for Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler's role in Uncut Gems shows he is not to be taken lightly as a serious actor.

Photo via New York Times

Adam Sandler’s role in Uncut Gems shows he is not to be taken lightly as a serious actor.

Colton Brain, Staff Writer

Adam Sandler proves to all of his critics that he is to be taken seriously as an actor with the film Uncut Gems.

Sandler taps into a new gear in his acting career in his portrayal of Howard Ratner, a greedy and struggling jeweler on a last-ditch mission to hit the big time.

The main difference between Howard’s character and Sandler’s previous roles is that Uncut Gems does not try to make viewers like him. Everything that happens to Howard is the consequence of something he has brought upon himself. 

Howard digs himself into worse and worse situations, and Sandler does a perfect job capturing the desperation in his character. The movie keeps the audience interested by having Howard’s family and economic life deteriortating as his greed and lust grows.

The audience understands that Howard is to blame for his actions, but the impending doom that is felt during the entire movie keeps a knot in the viewers’ stomachs as they await Howard’s downfall.

Retired NBA star Kevin Garnett does an excellent job of advancing the plot throughout the movie as he plays a fictionalized version of himself, and he also shows the power that professional athletes have in the everyday world.

Overall, Sandler gives a great performance and proves his true acting worth in an overall very good move.