Krystal Schulte hosts panel of alumni for her AP English seniors

Liam Belan, Multimedia Editor

With college looming for many seniors, upperclassmen are looking for any advice that can assist them in the upcoming transition period.

Knowing this, English teacher Krystal Schulte hosted a panel of BHS alumni for her AP English seniors on Monday.

Five alumni, all former students of Schulte’s and current college students, answered questions that the AP 12 students came up with in class. The panel consisted of Nick Pantellis, Bri Phillips, Claire Plunkett, Sam Rock, and Natalie Weida.

Schulte was inspired in part by a related idea that her student teacher, John Cotter, had. On his last day, Cotter took questions from students and gave valuable advice.

“I wanted to give students the opportunity to have more of their questions answered,” Schulte said.

Seniors said the event was a big success, with several students citing words of wisdom from the alumni. The whole group of Baldwin alumni agreed that studying is vital in college and that time management is crucial, as much of the work is done outside of class.

“It was really helpful to have insight from Baldwin alumni,” senior Carly Sullivan said. “It definitely makes me feel better prepared for the transition into college.”

Overall, Schulte said she enjoyed the experience and admired her former students and their accomplishments.

“I was impressed with their wisdom and I was grateful that they were willing to share their time with us,” Schulte said.

Schulte said she hopes to continue the event for years to come.

“It can grow for sure,” Schulte said. “If I get the opportunity I will continue it.”