Be a Hero Day campaign to honor memory of Fochtmans’ son


Avery Greenaway

The Fochtmans began a district-wide campaign for their son, Logan.

Abby Fowler and Brooke Scanlon

Four years ago, teachers Beth and Rich Fochtman found a great outlet to spread positivity and kindness throughout the area in remembrance of their late son, Logan.

The Fochtmans lost their son due to complications in Mrs. Fochtman’s pregnancy in February 2012. She had a previously unknown tumor that ruptured, and Logan died as a result. In essence, Mrs. Fochtman said, she only lived because of Logan’s death.

In 2016, the Fochtmans created a district-wide campaign, Be A Hero Day, with a simple goal: encourage people to do random acts of kindness for others. The event honors their son’s birthday and creates inspiration to spread kindness across the area. This year’s event will happen Tuesday.

“We have heard that students make their grandparents dinner, help the homeless, or even participate in blood drives. It is amazing what a small act of kindness can do for somebody,” Beth Fochtman, a family and consumer sciences teacher, said.  

The Fochtmans created a hashtag on Twitter, #BeAHero212 to set a platform for their project.

“We always wanted to do something in Logan’s honor, Rich Fochtman, a math teacher, said. “I know that if my son were here, he would want to make a difference in society. Even though he isn’t here, he’s spreading positivity.”

At first, the hashtag was used primarily by teachers and staff, but it has grown in popularity and is being used by Baldwin students as well as good Samaritans in different states.

“If my story can help anybody, I’m happy,” Beth Fochtman said.

Rich Fochtman agreed.

“The world is a better place when people are kind to one another,” he said.