Art gallery spreads awareness


Morgan Ott, Anamarie Martinez, and Erin Fader

With the resolution of a concern regarding their art installation about mental health, the students involved in the project said they hope it will spread awareness and support for those in need of help.

The project, located in the art display cases on the second floor, is part of a Studio Art class assignment to create an art installation that addresses a social issue.

Senior Emilee Spozarski chose to make her display about mental health to share her personal story. Spozarski asked her friend Robbie Miller, who writes poetry, to collaborate on the project, providing poems to accompany her artwork. .

“The purpose is to show encouragement and support toward individuals who struggle with confronting their issues, and to help them work toward an appropriate way to cope with them,” Spozarski said.

The project was meant to be revealed in week-long phases, following a person’s journey from struggle through getting help. But Principal Dr. Walter Graves said some parts of the poems that were intended to be displayed one week at a time could have caused concern for people who may be struggling with mental health issues.  

So the artists were asked to put the construction of the display on hold until a conversation could be held to find ways the topics could be addressed in a more supportive manner.

“Mental health is a delicate subject, and I need to make sure we are considerate of everyone’s well being,” Graves said.

The concerns were resolved at a meeting. The new project has the same message, but in a modified form, art teacher Cheryl Foote said.

“The project encourages people to not be afraid of speaking up. It allows people to see that there is hope, and that with determination and support, they can get through difficult times,” Foote said.

Miller agreed.

“The display shows that no person is perfect and everyone struggles,” Miller said.