Wesling broke school basketball record

On the night junior James Wesling ended up breaking the school’s record for most points scored in a single basketball game with 48 points, he had known the game was going to be special after his first few shots.

“After my first couple shots went in, I could tell that I was feeling it and knew it was going to be a big game for me. But never thought I would’ve beaten the record,” Wesling said.

In addition to this feat, he was able to maintain this success throughout the season, which allowed him to score a total of 415 points. This stellar season has led to Wesling being named the 2021-22 Purbalite Male Athlete of the Year.

Wesling was happy to celebrate with his teammates after breaking the single-game scoring record.

“It was a great feeling knowing that I was able to beat a school record, and it was even better that I got to celebrate it with my friends who helped me beat it,” Wesling said.

Wesling started playing basketball in second grade, inspired by his dad’s passion for the game.

“My dad inspired me to play because he played as a kid and is a coach, so I was always in the gym with him,” Wesling said.

Wesling has played on the varsity basketball team since his freshman year, and he has worked hard to improve his skills. He cites his family as his motivation to continue playing.

“My family motivates me to play through all the ups and downs of basketball,” Wesling said.

Playing alongside James on varsity is his younger brother, Nate Wesling, a freshman. Nate said that playing with his brother made his freshman season memorable.

It was a great feeling knowing that I was able to beat a school record, and it was even better that I got to celebrate it with my friends who helped me beat it”

— James Wesling

“It’s definitely something that is special to my family and me. It’s good to know as a freshman that I had him to look up to and rely on when needed,” Wesling said.

When James Wesling broke the record, Nate was ecstatic, but he promised himself that he would break James’ record some day.

“I was in shock that whole game because everything he shot felt like it went in. I was excited for him. But out of our competitiveness, I promised him I would beat it,” Wesling said.

Junior AJ Cherico reflected on the moment Wesling broke the record.

“I was on the court and I ran over and hugged him. It was a huge moment even for me because we would talk about it,” Cherico said. “It felt great to watch him get it because he deserved it.”

Cherico also praised Wesling’s growth as an athlete.

“James evolved from the quiet kid on the team to a vocal leader. I would describe him as dedicated, the way he always wants to work on his game,” Cherico said.

The team is looking forward to playing again with Wesling as a captain because of his leadership abilities and strong guidance.

“James was a captain this year so I just expect the same attitude out of him to bring us a winning season,” Cherico said.

After a great season, Wesling has already started to set goals for himself and his team for next year.

“I’m hoping that the team will be able to become the first boys basketball team in Baldwin history to win a WPIAL championship, and even push for a state championship,” Wesling said.