Suspense fans should remember `My Name’


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Korean Actress Han So-Hee portrays a vulnerable young woman wrapped up in crime.

Alongside Squid Game, South Korean drama My Name has been in the top 10 on Netflix’s worldwide viewing chart since its mid-October release.

The eight episodes of season one follow teen Yoon Jiwoo, played by Han So-Hee, in her attempt to avenge her father’s murder. Teaming up with a crime boss and his organization, 17-year-old Jiwoo goes into the police force with hopes of finding her father’s killer there.

Actress Han So-Hee is one of the most popular actresses in South Korea due to her recent role in Nevertheless, another show that attracted global attention. Because of her large fanbase, it was not a surprise that My Name quickly gained popularity.

So-Hee has received lots of praise for her ability to perfectly capture the differing roles of Yu Na-Bi, a university student who settles for a toxic relationship in Nevertheless, and Yoon Jiwoo, a vulnerable young woman involved in organized crime in My Name.

As a revenge thriller, the show covers many emotions, showing Ji-Woo’s internal struggles while remaining an action drama. While the plot is not particularly unique in comparison to other K-dramas, the show keeps viewers interested in the hour-long episodes through its intense narrative consisting of violence and gore. 

Unlike most shows that people are familiar with, My Name has little humor, maintaining a serious tone throughout the whole season. It is not ideal for people who prefer lighthearted plots, as the majority of the story is bittersweet, and tension only rises as the episodes continue.

Though the first season of the show ends at a point that would make it difficult to continue, fans are clinging on to the hopes of a second season. Though there has been no announcement of Season 2, some people believe that it is not unlikely due to the show’s success as a Netflix original series.