Schumacher sisters motivate each other on and off the mound


Photo by Lindsay Bonetti

Picture of Grace and Anna Schumacher standing together before their softball game.

When sophomore Grace Schumacher gets on base, she knows that her sister, freshman Anna Schumacher, will be batting next in the lineup and trying to drive her home with a hit.

That’s the way it always has been for the two sisters, who bat fourth and fifth and also pitch and play other positions for the Highlanders. The two always support each other, but also push each other to do better each time they get on the field.

“Both of us root for each other when one is doing good, and the other is struggling. We set aside our problems and act as a team and support each other,” Grace Schumacher said. 

Grace plays outfield and pitches, and Anna plays first base and pitches. They acknowledge that the competitiveness is always there between the two. 

“I think we are competitive. We always try to be better than each other, but I also think we are not as competitive because we both play different positions,” Anna Schumacher said. 

Having a sibling on the team provides motivation.

“I like playing with my sister. I think we both push each other hard and make the other want to work even harder,” Anna said.

They also call each other friendly names so that they can calm each other down and handle any nervousness that comes up. 

“I call her what (security guard) Mr. Wilson calls her, which is Ace, and she calls me whatever comes to her mind at the time,” Grace said. 

Junior Maleah Pacella said both sisters are known for their skill on the mound

“The team’s pitching rotation has all the spotlight on the duo of the Schumacher sisters because of their dominance in the way they throw their riser,” Pacella said. “But their changeup is what shuts everybody down because of the speed drop.”

Junior Jalyn Nash said the sisters push each other to higher levels of achievement.

“They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” she said.

They wouldn’t have gotten into the sport if it hadn’t been for their parents, who always encouraged them to keep trying and playing.

“My parents have worked with me, pushed me, and helped me develop into the player I am today,” Anna said. 

The Schumachers have the potential to play at the next level, but it is all up to them and what they decide. 

“I think my sister and I have the potential to play in college, but we are both unsure. It will come down to the end of the day and what we ultimately decide,” Grace said.