The 25th MLS season kicks off with new teams


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The 25th MLS season is scheduled to kick off tomorrow.

Tyler Zeman, Staff Writer

As the European soccer season heads towards the finish line, across the pond here in America the Major League Soccer season will kick off tomorrow.

This year marks the league’s 25th season, and it will feature two new teams. 

The biggest of the two is the highly anticipated Inter Miami CF, owned by the one and only David Beckham. The team will sport a black and pink color scheme with the great white heron as the club symbol. The team will be coached by Diego Alonso.  

The second team is Nashville FC. They will wear a yellow and blue color scheme and will be led by manager Gary Smith. 

These new teams, especially Miami, have brought a much-needed new level of energy to the MLS. 

Big stars have a history of leaving the MLS, like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who went to the Italian side Inter Milan, and young star Alphonso Davies, who was bought by the German goliath Bayern Munich. 

But the MLS might be more attractive now to even bigger talent than before. 

Soccer legend David Beckham having ownership of a club has brought some serious attraction from some of Europe’s biggest stars. 

Players such as Antoine Griezman, who is looking to revitalize his career after a slow start at Barcelona, and Neymar Jr., who is looking for a move away from Paris Saint-Germain after drama there, have expressed some interest in the MLS as a career option.

Playing for a player of Davids Beckham’s caliber is something special. Beckham has set some long-range goals, such as bringing Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo to the club before they retire. 

But beyond the new teams, there are other reasons for sports fans to give MLS a try this season.

For fans who already watch plenty of European soccer, the MLS is still a great watch when European teams are inactive. The talent and skill might not be on the same level as Europe, but the young and exciting talent might end up in Europe soon.

For fans just getting into watching soccer, MLS is a great place to start. With just one league and one title, it’s easy to follow and the games are covered by ESPN. The MLS style allows fans to get a feel for the game while still providing the thrills that other American sports give.