Opinion: Hope program helps students, district


Cassis Snyder

Teacher Amy Prioe stands in the HOPE program classroom on the first floor.

Purbalite Staff

The HOPE program stands for more than Highlander Online Program for Education. This new online learning option provides ample reason for Baldwin’s students, faculty, and families to hope for the betterment of the district.

The district program uses an online learning platform from an outside provider to serve both students who want a cyber school experience and those who were at risk of expulsion.

Through HOPE, these students can earn Baldwin course credits and eventually a Baldwin diploma.

Previously, Baldwin students who wanted a cyber school experience would have to be enrolled in an outside cyber school, like PA Cyber, and the district would then have to pay the tuition.

Now those students can work toward a Baldwin diploma while still having the cyber school learning environment.

Similarly, instead of the district paying for all students facing expulsion to attend school elsewhere, some of those students now can attend HOPE online classes in a first-floor classroom, with a teacher who also provides instruction in behavior and life choices.

The cost savings have been significant: HOPE has saved the district $180,000 in its first semester. The overall financial and educational benefits of the HOPE program will positively impact the district, bringing hope and bettering students’ education.