Gen Z must vote to make impact


Image via Flickr

The only way for Gen Z to make a difference is if more vote in the upcoming election.

Elizabeth Perston, Features Editor

For the younger generations to truly see the changes they want to enact, they need to take initiative and vote in 2020.

One of Generation Z’s most defining characteristics is the way its members push for change. However, this is often done through raising awareness rather than taking action.

That’s understandable, since only so much action can be taken as a teenager. In this case, though, young adults can go out and make a real mark.

Government programs that pertain to senior citizens, like Social Security, generally remain untouched, due to the fact that older people go out and vote to preserve their rights.

This election, many issues — such as rising student debt — apply to college-age students. While many young people express interest and opinions on the subject, it takes more than words to make a difference.

For members of Generation Z to see any change in their favor, they need to go out and actively make that change happen. They need to vote.