Going to college near home makes the most sense

Anamarie Martinez, News Editor

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The fear of leaving home hangs over the heads of many high school senior as they prepare to move far away to start their college journey.

In addition to the fact that moving away means students will be far from everything that they have become comfortable with their whole lives, going to college far away is just not economical.

For that reason, going to school relatively close to home makes more sense.

The cost of going to college turns out to be much higher for students who plan to attend a school that is far away from their home. There are many other expenses for these students that makes going away to college less than ideal.

For students who go to a public college in a different state, the most obvious extra expense is the cost of tuition. Out-of-state tuition at a state school costs an ample amount more than tuition for students attending a public college within the state they reside. This can bring on more burdens to students when it comes time to pay back their student loans.

Going to college far away also requires some sort of transportation to get there, and in many cases students may bring a car to campus with them. The downfall to bringing a car is that most schools require students to purchase a parking pass each semester, and those parking passes are not cheap. On top of that, students are required to pay the fee both semesters each year they chose to bring their car with them.

Although some of these expenses may seem minor, added together they could make moving far away too expensive for some students to afford.

Moving far away to a new place also brings the struggle of being all alone. Students become immersed in a new environment that they have to explore all by themselves. While this could be good for students to learn a sense of independence, if there was an emergency or if they need help, their parents are hours away.  

Students living close to home are still able to go home on the weekends, and even enjoy a home-cooked meal every once in a while.

Some college students who do not live far away are able to go home during finals week to decompress from their stressful classes and study for their tests in a comfortable environment.

Students going to school far away are faced with more hardships to overcome on top of the challenge that college already presents.