Relocating for college helps students learn life lessons

Natalie Zgurich, Sports Editor

Going to college is the biggest decision to date for someone who is 18 years old, and choosing where to go is an even tougher decision.

Picking a school that requires a long car ride or even a plane ride might seem scary, with students having to leave everything they have ever known behind. Yet it is a good way to have a fresh start, and students should consider it.

A lot of times when people stay close to home for college, they are tempted to come home every weekend. This defeats the point of living at school, and it’s a waste of room and board payments.

When students go further away from home, they are unable to come home all the time, and they are forced to be more independent and make new friends.

Going to college away from home causes people to fully experience the college life because they need to branch out and make friends. They will have to go to the social events the college offers to make friends because their high school friends will not be with them anymore.

Students will also have to learn how to be more independent when they go further away. They will have to manage their classes, find time to eat a balanced diet, learn how to do laundry, and keep their dorm and themselves clean.

Going to school that is not close to home makes students gain responsibility. They will need to learn the logistics of a new place as well as learn how to make decisions for themselves.

Some people going to local colleges may not fully learn these skills because they don’t always have to worry about them while still partly under their parents’ guidance.

The cost of college is very high, but colleges often try to make them more affordable to students who are coming from far away. Sometimes schools that are not as close to home will give someone who lives far away more scholarship money or financial aid because they want people from all different places to boost diversity in their schools.

College is a huge decision for any person to make, but going further away develops more life skills and causes people to be more ready for the future.