Digital Learning Day comes to Baldwin


Morgan Ott and Rebecca Case

On Feb. 22, Baldwin will take part in the national movement known as Digital Learning Day.

The purpose of the event is to show students effective ways to use technology that they may not already know about.

Some of the themes that will be covered throughout the day include creativity, communication, critical thinking, consumption, connections, and collaboration.

The teachers from the BCIT classes (business, communication, information, technology) will take their students into the atrium to show them Google tips and tricks. These tips and tricks will include learning how to use Google extensions and add-ons, along with many other concepts.

BCIT teacher Michelle Kilburn is one of the leaders behind Baldwin’s participation in the national experience.

“This year the addition of the Chromebooks will make it easier for students to follow along with the instructions,” Kilburn said.

The teachers hope that students will be able to use these skills in their everyday classes. The event will take place all day and all BCIT classes will participate.

“If it is a success, we hope to make it an annual event,” Kilburn said.