The Purbalite

2020-2021 Staff

Izzy Swanson

News Editor

News Editor Izzy Swanson is in her second year on staff. She can be found playing soccer, listening to Brockhampton, or in the nearest coffee shop.   

Lindsay Bonetti

News Editor

News Editor Lindsay Bonetti is a senior and this is her third year on the Purbalite. When she’s not on the softball field, she can constantly be found rewatching Pride & Prejudice (2005) and listening to Taylor Swift and One ...

Lena Barakat

Magazine Editor

Magazine Editor Lena Barakat is a senior and this is her third year on The Purbalite. She likes running with her teammates, cuddling with her cat Harold Finch (aka Henry), eating buffalo chicken dip, and listening to The Kinks...

Grace Hampton

Multimedia Editor

Grace Hampton is a senior multimedia editor and is in her third year on staff.  She is all in for Baldwin and can often be found cheering on the sidelines, at competitions, or playing lacrosse.  Nothing can stop her from getti...

Brooke Scanlon

Multimedia Editor

Multimedia Editor Brooke Scanlon is a junior and is in her third year on staff. She normally can be found at taekwondo, singing, or at Chick-fil-A. If she ever has free time, she can be found spending time with friends or watching...

Alli Schroeder

Multimedia Editor

Senior Alli Schroeder is a multimedia editor in her third year on staff. When she is not writing, she can be found making her own clothes or earrings, and fangirling over Stevie Nicks. 

Mason Hurley

Multimedia Editor

Multimedia Editor Mason Hurley is a senior and three-year staff member. He always has a clean pair of Jordans, Nikes, Adidas, or Yeezys on, and may be seen in bright yellow Air Force Ones. 

Victoria Di Cesare

Sports Editor

Senior Victoria Di Cesare is a sports editor who has a passion for scoring bangers and breaking ankles on the soccer field. Her favorite TV shows at the moment are Grey’s Anatomy and Vampire Diaries. In her free time, she enj...

Maddison Houser

Staff Writer

Sophomore Maddison Houser is a second-year staff writer. When she isn’t listening to music and reading, you can find her binge-watching Netflix shows.

Colton Brain

Staff Writer

Colton Brain is a senior and a third-year staff writer. He is a big sports fan and especially loves football and baseball. He loves to give his takes on the NFL and MLB.

Doug Sudor

Staff Writer

Staff Writer Doug Sudor is a sophomore and in his first year of writing on the Purbalite. When not found at the ice rink, he can be found playing video games, watching Star Wars, or playing football. ...

Sajan Dangal

Staff Writer

Staff writer Sajan Dangal is in his first year on staff. Typically he can be found watching YouTube or reading manga.

Paul Kercher

Staff Writer

Sophomore Paul Kercher is in his second year on staff. When he is not writing about sports, he is probably playing, watching, or listening to sports.

Ethan Franco

Staff Writer

Ethan Franco is a senior and a second-year staff member. He usually spends his time working on programming with a noticeable lack of sleep.

Ethan Spozarski

Multimedia editor

Ethan Spozarski is a multimedia editor in his second year on staff. He is known for his love of sports and can be found working on his Madden franchise team.  

Elizabeth Perston

Features Editor

Elizabeth Perston is a features editor and third-year writer on the Purbalite. When she’s not browsing Pinterest, she can be found thrift shopping and planning outfits for the next month.

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