Men’s prom fashion brings in new flair

Staff Writer

In his newest single, “Suit & Tie,” Justin Timberlake sings about the excitement and extravagance of dressing up for a night of dining and dancing. This song describes a type of night that one can experience at an upcoming school formal or prom.

With prom season approaching fast, many girls are starting to pick out their dresses and shoes, and where they are going to get their hair done. Many people overlook the attire of the male counterpart, though. Are the female attendees the only ones who get to stand out on the dance floor in their sparkly new dress?

Senior Pat Sites is all for a more colorful prom outfit.

 “I’m going to be wearing a black suit with an animal print tie or shirt,” Sites said.

In addition to a unique print, Sites believes that “it’s all about the suspenders.”

Last but not least, Sites states that to really make oneself known, guys “have to wear some fancy, shiny shoes.”

Senior Anna Bekavac disagrees and says she “likes the black suit for men.” “Colored suits remind me of ‘Dumb and Dumber’ and it’s just too weird,” Bekavac said. However, Bekavac enjoys the non-traditional tie and is “definitely about the bowtie.”

All in all, Sites understands the importance of a male’s attire at one’s final dance of high school.

“It’s senior prom. You have to go big. You have to look better than everyone else.”