Review: Bachelor in Paradise needs to amp up the drama

Review: Bachelor in Paradise needs to amp up the drama

Avery Greenaway, Web Editor

Viewers of Bachelor in Paradise are still recuperating after Dean Unglert not only trampled over the heart of Kristina, but also the hard-to-earn trust of Bachelor Nation.

Ever since D-Lo came to Paradise, Wells’ puppets have made a better impression on viewers than Dean. Dean used to be the man of Bachelor Nation’s dreams, but this season has viewers feeling as though they have been played by a man they have never even met.

Dean was introduced to Bachelor Nation on Rachel’s season. His good looks, sense of humor, shyness, sheer innocence, and love of dogs made him a fan favorite. He got even more brownie points during his hometown visit when viewers glimpsed into his complicated family life. Viewers were infuriated when Rachel sent Dean home before other men, especially right after she told Dean she loved him.

Now, viewers cannot help but rapidly tweet angry gifs onto the BIP hashtag as Dean told Kristina time and time again to “be patient” while he decided whether he wanted a relationship with D-Lo.

To be blunt, D-Lo is the most annoying woman on that island. First of all, she deliberately refused to save everyone the drama by moving onto single men, like Ben Z., who kept her on the island by giving her a rose after Dean gave his to Kristina. Her constant giggling makes her come off as extremely desperate. And on top of that, she clumsily dropped two pizzas face down in the sand during her first night in Paradise, and made no attempt to apologize.

Meanwhile, Dean’s already told cameras that he knows Kristina is the right choice. Last night, he even confessed to cameras that he loves Kristina. This leaves audiences wondering why Dean could not make a decision. If he knows that Kristina is the right choice, why were viewers left hanging week after week, waiting for Dean to commit to that “right choice”? And why did he waste Kristina’s time just to break her heart last night?

Every other week, Dean gave Kristina a rose, symbolizing the anticipated start of their drama-free relationship, but then he would spend the week furthering his relationship with D-Lo.

Of course, to viewers’ annoyances, Dean always made time right before a rose ceremony to make sure his rose from Kristina was locked in. After these conversations, Dean gave himself a pat on the back for being a “nice guy” by “communicating” with Kristina. In reality, these conversations were engineered so Dean did not have anxiety going into a ceremony.

This left both kind-hearted Kristina and Bachelor Nation confused and hurt.

Contrasting from Dean and Kristina’s messy relationship, Taylor and Derek have established themselves as the stable couple of the season. Both of them have been on the island since week one. Also, they resolved a bump in their relationship maturely, a testament to their long-term potential. Taylor and Derek’s chances of making it through the show are pretty solid.

Still, even in the midst of a love triangle and a tropical fairytale, Paradise wouldn’t be Paradise without a few unlucky islanders putting their eggs in the wrong baskets as Americans cringe with second-hand embarrassment.

For example, Lacey has been lamenting for weeks that no one on the island is interested in her and that she is tired of trying. But ever since classic womanizer Daniel showed up, Lacey has been more than willing to put her heart on the line for him. Viewers anticipate Lacey’s major breakdown when she realizes that Daniel is not all what she thinks he is.

A similar case played out when Jasmine was practically ready to elope with Matt, while Matt struggled to make her understand that he was not on the same page at all. The exception here is that at least Matt had some sympathy for Jasmine’s feelings, while Daniel seems more than ready to leave Lacey hanging while he vies to break more hearts.

Overall, however, witnessing Christine’s journey for love is the most painful storyline of all. Christine makes viewers ask themselves how Alexis went home in place of her every time Christine eats some scallops. Jack may not realize it, but sending home Alexis just to fight for Christine’s attention makes him the ultimate loser of Paradise.

Even with all of this drama, the biggest detriment to this season has to be unequal distribution of screen-time. Every week, viewers tuned in on Monday and Tuesday only to wonder when ABC would give attention to relationships like Diggy and Dominque’s, Robbie and Amber’s, or even the start of Adam and Raven’s relationship after their love triangle was over. The only time Bachelor in Paradise reserved for these apparent “side plots” was immediately before rose ceremonies.

Before last night, America had already established that Dean does not deserve Kristina, that Taylor and Derek are perfect for each other, and that Christine is annoying. ABC could have put off those storylines until last night when Kristina finally stood up to Dean. ABC wasted so much of this season building suspense for plot lines America had already made up their minds about.

The whole point of Bachelor in Paradise is to watch personal favorites that were sent home on the Bachelor or Bachelorette. If ABC doesn’t realize that and divvy up all of this wasted time, Paradise is pointless.

Bachelor Nation should not have been subjected to week after week of Kristina’s heartbreak or Taylor and Derek’s seemingly perfect relationship. Next summer, ABC, give the people what they want: the drama.