`Kitchen incubator’ in Strip District showcases new chefs, menus

Olivia Farmer, Staff Writer

The Strip District welcomed Pittsburgh’s first ‘kitchen incubator’ in January 2016.

A kitchen incubator showcases various up-and-coming chefs, and at Smallman Galley, four chefs pursuing a potential restaurant of their own are chosen, then they create and serve their own menu for 18 months.

Smallman Galley attracts a crowd of foodies of all ages. The four restaurants showcased currently are Josephine’s Toast, Aubergine Bistro, Carota Café, and Provision PGH; they will “graduate” this month.

The themes of the current restaurants are a toast-centered concept; French-influenced American food; veg-inspired; and cured meats. The diversity among the food and the cafeteria-style, integrated seating make it a community experience.

Along with the variety in food, this kitchen incubator also has a coffee bar, serving Commonplace Coffee.