Pop world needs a break from the Chainsmokers


Rebecca Case, Features Editor

For years, the music industry has been producing music with uninspired, overused beats with lyrics that have little to no meaning whatsoever.

However, the popular group The Chainsmokers has recently taken unoriginality to a completely different level, raising the question: How do groups with such an obvious lack of talent become so successful?

The DJ producer duo made up of Alex Paul and Andrew Taggart began creating music in 2012, and many people are not aware that the group is behind the famous song, “#selfie” released in 2014.

It wasn’t until 2016 when The Chainsmokers released their hit song “Closer,” with well-known alternative singer Halsey, that the duo began to get more recognition. Seemingly overnight, the song was heard all over social media and played in nearly every teenager’s car.

However, months before the release of “Closer,” The Chainsmokers released “Don’t Let Me Down,” featuring the voice of rising popstar Daya. While this song was met with positive, popular reception, it did not reach the amount of fame that “Closer” attained.

Since the release of “Closer,” every song that The Chainsmokers released immediately hit the top of charts immediately.

This year for the Billboard Music Awards, The Chainsmokers were nominated for 22 awards, winning three, including Best Dance/Electronic Artist.

The song “Closer” alone was nominated for seven Billboard Music Awards and won three, including Top Hot 100 song, Top Collaboration, and Top Dance Electronic Song.

Many of the singles released from their newest album Memories… Do Not Open, such as “Something Just Like This” and “Paris,” made their way to the top of the charts around the world.

However, a majority of their songs are similar and follow the same pattern and beat. Many songs feature stereotypical lyrics drowned in auto tune with nearly identical beats. Yet because the songs are performed by The Chainsmokers, these songs have a guaranteed spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and dozens of award nominations.

To top everything off, The Chainsmokers’ performance of “Closer” at the 2016 MTV VMA music awards with Halsey was referred to by many critics as the worst of the night. Taggart showed little to no emotion and energy throughout the performance and looked as if he wanted to be anywhere but on stage.

Nevertheless, when The Chainsmokers performed in April, they sang to a sold out crowd at PPG Paints Arena.

The trend of the Chainsmokers’ domination in the music world shows no signs of stopping. Paul and Taggart demonstrate how one hit song can determine the fate of a musician or music group’s career, regardless of the talent or lack thereof that they possess.