Rachel’s season kicks off with lots of drama


Avery Greenaway, Staff Writer

When The Bachelor loser Rachel Lindsay was chosen to be the next Bachelorette, fans knew that this season was going to supply the no-nonsense and genuine content Nick Viall’s season lacked.

Rachel became a fan favorite on The Bachelor by making it known to Nick that she wasn’t there to play games, but to find a husband. Her “emotional intelligence” along with her smarts, sense of humor, and beauty won the hearts of America, but apparently not the heart of the Bachelor.

Impressively, most of Rachel’s husband candidates are just her type: respectable, hard-working, and handsome.

For instance, Bryan, who earned Rachel’s first impression rose, stood out. While it’s hard to tell so early in the season, candidates like Kenny and Dean, with their good looks and earnest attitudes, seem like they’re in for the long haul as well. Both Kenny and Dean had great conversations with Rachel after the season’s first group date.

Peter, who thought he had been chosen for Rachel’s first one-on-one date, found out that his date became a two-on-one. Audiences felt bad for Peter for around two seconds before the mystery date intruder was revealed as Rachel’s adorable dog. The two had a great time at a cute dog pool party in Palm Springs. Peter was able to impress Rachel and, arguably more importantly, her dog, with his easy-going attitude. Rachel expressed interest in getting to know him better at the end of the date and he earned a rose.

The producers supplied Rachel with a fair amount of suitable options.

However, the plague of this season is most undoubtedly the “Wa-Boom guy,” Lucas Yancey, and his astonishing ability to make it through these first rose ceremonies. He also won the first group date’s silly “Husband Material” challenge hosted by popular Hollywood couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. Although it’s hard to believe, Lucas is 30 years old and works the word “Wa-Boom” into every possible instance.

To make matters worse, he has no interest in Rachel whatsoever. It’s blatantly obvious he only auditioned for the show to make himself famous.

On the first night in the House, Rachel sent home completely eligible beaus in place of this pathetic excuse of a suitor, making viewers cringe with second-hand embarrassment. It’s a low enough of a blow to be sent home after making your first impression, but who would want to be beaten out by the “Wa-Boom guy”?

Lucas’s sheer annoyance factor is reminiscent of Corrine from last season’s The Bachelor. Just like with Corrine on Nick’s season, Lucas has earned a good standing with Rachel pretty early on.

Candidates like Lucas and Corrine weigh down the show by making it obvious they were hand-picked for shock value. The only good thing they contribute to the show is the feeling of relief viewers feel when they are sent home.

Blake, who directly opposes Lucas and tries to stop Rachel from buying into his façade, reminds viewers of Taylor from Nick’s season. Taylor had enough of Corrine’s tomfoolery, and called her out on it. As a result, Nick ended up taking the two on a two-on-one date and eliminating Taylor. So, Blake is walking on thin ice. His conflict with Lucas could cost him Rachel’s heart.

Still, Rachel has certainly shown this season’s audience that she does not put up with anything she doesn’t like. This is far better from last season’s The Bachelor, where viewers weren’t sure whether Corrine would get the boot or not, considering they had seen Nick make questionable decisions in the past. Rachel at least shows characteristics of sincerity that allow viewers to enjoy watching her earn the fairy tale she deserves.

For example, she abruptly booted off overconfident Demario after she found out he abruptly deserted his serious girlfriend to be on The Bachelorette. This came as a shock to many viewers after he boasted on the first night that Rachel is practically already his wife and all of the other candidates are irrelevant.

Hopefully, just like Rachel did with Demario, she will find the sense to kick off Lucas. Until then, America will just have to face palm with shame like they did on Nick’s season with dreaded Corrine.