Letter of Recommendation

Andrea Henderson, Photography Editor

Although electronic dance music, also known as EDM, is not a new trend, it has become wildly more popular in the past few years. Whenever people think of EDM, they typically think of odd music with boosted bass and without any words. However, more people listen to EDM than they know. Many pop songs with hooks in between verses are produced and created by EDM artists. Pop acts such as The Chainsmokers are actually EDM artists. EDM fans can usually be grouped into two categories: headbangers and shufflers. Shufflers are the people who typically listen to house music, while headbangers listen to dubstep. House features a lighter and more upbeat tone while dubstep is mainly intense bass drops. EDM is an umbrella term that offers many subgenres that everybody can enjoy. Whether it be artists as innocent as The Chainsmokers or Marshmello, to artists as intense as Bassnectar or Excision, there is always something that could appeal to everybody. Although some people do not think they would like EDM music, the more people listen the more it will grow on them.