Approaches to social media shift

Approaches to social media shift

Elizabeth Solenday, Copy Chief

Social media has taken over the world, and is constantly changing. Not only is the format of social media sites changing, but the way people use social media is changing.

While many people used to believe the amount of how other people viewed them, it is now not as closely paid attention to.

Although hitting a milestone of 1,000 followers can be seen as a big achievement for some, and used to be a huge deal, it is not seen as a large deal anymore.

People now focus more on what their social media looks like, such as the use of themes on Instagram.

When someone centers around a certain “theme” on Instagram, they often try to match either a filter or certain colors in each individual picture to each other, in an attempt to make their page aesthetically pleasing.

Along with paying closer attention to what they post on Instagram, people now pay closer attention to what they put on Twitter.

When Twitter was first invented, many users often tweeted every thought that came to their mind, and retweeted everything they saw.

Users have begun to pay more attention to what they put on their own Twitter page, only retweeting and tweeting what they want other people to see, rather than what they truly enjoy.

In its most popular time, Facebook was commonly used amongst high school kids. Many high school students now do not use Facebook, and if they do, it is not used as much as other social media sites.

Many students are likely to begin using Facebook as they finish high school and look to meet others going to the same college.

As social media changes and improves, users will continue to change the way it is used, and it is doubtful that the use will slow down anytime soon.