Sunshine brings new style

Laura Basciotta, Staff Writer

The rising temperatures and emerging bright colors everywhere mean that it is summer. With the change of a warmer season comes the change of fashion trends.
For summer 2017, everyone should be ready to welcome new looks into their wardrobe.
One of the biggest trends from the fall transforming into the summer would be sleeves. Sleeves that are ruffled, puffed, or even bell-shaped will be making their way into summer looks as they accent any simple outfit.
“I love the new trend of the bell sleeves. It just pulls together any simple outfit by having them,” senior Mariah Pacella said.
While sleeves have been transforming summer looks, off-the-shoulder styles have become a common look that almost anyone can pull off. This light style is perfect for any type of summer weather, but especially those 90-degree days.
Every summer seems to have a signature color and this year’s signature color will be variations of pink. Racks at stores have been flooded with hues of pink as people decide to use it as a splash of color for their outfit or to layer several shades of pink.
From thin to thick, stripes are a classic look dominating the summer scene. The classic look has blue and white pinstripes creating a sailor look.
For a poolside look, one-piece bathing suits began to emerge last year and this year will be seen more than the bikini.
The one piece is open to several different designs, such as front cutouts, laced-up sides, or an open back.
Floral patterns are taking over T-shirts, dresses, shorts, and skirts. Most stores’ new summer lines will contain some floral. The floral pattern is complimented by bright colors and is a staple for the complete summer feel.
“The new summer trends this year are a must have. I love them all,” senior Sydney Yanchik said.