Festivals beat out tours

Andrea Henderson, Photography Editor

With summer approaching, fewer artists are going on tour and more are performing at festivals. Festivals are sweeping the nation by featuring multiple popular artists all in one place for a weekend.

Pittsburgh offers one festival, Thrival, which is growing as years go by. In 2016 the festival featured EDM duo The Chainsmokers as the headliner, and it has Wiz Khalifa headlining this year.

However, Thrival is nothing compared to other cities festivals. Baltimore hosts the Moonrise festival every year, which features headliners ranging from Migos to Zeds Dead.

Other major EDM festivals include EDC in Vegas, Electric forest in Michigan, and Electric Zoo in New York.

Although most music festivals are mostly aimed toward EDM fans, there are also pop based festivals such as Coachella in California or Lollapalooza in Chicago.

All of these festivals include major artists and tickets usually range from $200 to $600 and last at least two


When including travel and hotel prices, these festivals can cost people more than $1000.

For up and coming artists, Texas offers a festival caleld XOXO, in which acts can enter a contest for a chance to headline. The festival features all new artists who have yet to have their music heard.

More and more cities are beginning to host festivals, making it easier and cheaper for people to see their favorite artists without having to travel across the country.

Although Thrival is rising, it is not the first festival to be hosted here. In 2008 American Eagle presented New American Music Union, which was a two-day festival that was held on the South Side.

The festival featured artists such as Black Keys, The Roots, and Gnarles Barkley. Although the festival was set to be annual, it did not return for a second year due to lack of funding.

Pittsburgh music fans will be fortunate if Thrival continues to grow, resulting in rival festivals being help in other cities around the area.