Exercising changes throughout time

Colton Hurley, Staff Writer

From fad diets that sweep the nation, through New Year’s resolutions that often don’t last, to new ways to work out such as CrossFit, the way that people approach and think about physical fitness changes continually.

Attitudes toward fitness have changed not only for adults, but also for high school students as well.

Now seemingly more than ever, high school students are taking many different approaches to fitness. No longer is it just the stereotypical jocks who are into fitness.

School gym classes have helped bring about this change and increase interest in fitness. No longer are gym classes just geared toward jocks by having students play basketball, football, or other mainstream sports.

Yoga, biking, and other types of athletics are now offered to those who are not interested in the main team sports. This allows those who may not be gifted or interested in an area to still enjoy being more physically active.

There are many ways now to be a part of a fitness craze. A lot of people are now on diets, such as eliminating pop or other junk food, or becoming vegan or vegetarian.

Even in the world of just working out and exercising there are now many ways to get involved. People can now lift weights, as well as participate in different forms of yoga, CrossFit, or aerobic activities.

With all the new ways for students and adults to get active, there is no excuse for not getting out and working out those muscles in all kinds of different ways.

To combat the obesity trend in America, this movement toward being active in many different ways needs to continue to grow for many years to come.