Bieber’s lyrical mistake offends fans

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Bieber’s lyrical mistake offends fans

Anamarie Martinez, Staff Writer

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While performing at a nightclub in New York City on Tuesday night, Justin Bieber managed to embarrass himself yet again, this time by forgetting the words to “Despacito.”

During the performance, Bieber was videotaped replacing the words to “Despacito” with stereotypical slurs.

In a video of the even, Bieber openly admits that he forgot the words to the song, so instead he shouts “Dorito,” and “I ate a burrito.” He continues to sing, filling the song with “blah, blah, blah.”   

In the background of the video, a fan can be heard yelling for Bieber to stop.

The song “Despacito” was originally sung by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee, and it was released earlier this year. After the single became a big hit, Bieber approached the artists for a collaboration.

In April, the remix featuring Bieber was released, and it instantly reached Top Ten on the Hot 100. This was the first Spanish language song to reach the Top Ten since the “Macarena.”

Although Bieber does sing parts of the song in Spanish, some of the lyrics were specifically translated for his part.

Bieber’s performance was insulting to the original artists and their fans.  

He made a mockery of the song, and disrespected the entire Spanish-speaking community.

People shared their mixed opinions on Twitter. Some defended Bieber with the excuse that he “was having fun,” while others expressed their disappointment with the star.

Regardless of Bieber’s actions, as a singer he should be responsible enough to memorize the lyrics to his songs.

While Bieber was able to rake in a profit from “Despacito,” he was not able to take the time to remember the words.