The Circle’s trailer entertains more than film

The Circle's trailer entertains more than film

Morgan Ott, Staff Writer

The Circle fails to catch the eye of viewers with an overused plot line and confusing message.

The movie follows Mae (Emma Watson), who works for a technology and social media company known as The Circle. As Mae furthers her career there, she participates in an experiment that monitors her every move. However, as her fame rises due to her being the face of the company, it begins to affect the others in her life.

Throughout the movie, viewers may find themselves confused because it seems as if there is something suspicious about the company, but nothing is ever further explained. The movie is extremely vague and the plot leaves many questions unanswered.

The main message of the whole movie is unclear. In society, many think that the overuse of technology is a bad thing. However, in the movie, using technology to constantly monitor everyone’s lives is seen as a helpful tool.

Overall, The Circle was not as intriguing and exciting as the trailer made it out to be.