Blink-182’s new album has ups and downs


Emma Dowker, Photography Editor

4/5 stars

Blink-182, following the release of their album “California” last summer, has released 11 more songs on their deluxe edition of the album. “California Deluxe” is a difficult album to review because it cannot be compared to the group’s previous albums.

One of Blink-182’s guitarists left the band following the release of “Neighborhoods” in 2011, opening his position to Matt Skiba, singer and guitarist of the band Alkaline Trio. “California Deluxe” offers a completely different sound than life-long Blink-182 fans would be used to, causing some listeners to dismiss the album as mediocre or a downgrade from their previous content.

While some songs aren’t comparable to the classics like “The Rock Show” or “Feeling This” from earlier albums, “California Deluxe” offers great new tracks such as “Good Old Days” “Parking Lot” or “Don’t Mean Anything.”

Aside from a change in guitarists and a tweak in their usual sound, Blink-182 proved once again with their album “California Deluxe” their superiority in the world of pop-punk.