Memes continuing to be an Internet sensation

Emilee Gruntz, Web Page Editor

Kermit sipping a cup of tea. Mr. Krabs dazed and confused. The man dramatically sprinkling salt.

Scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, or most forms of social media come across countless videos of puppies and even more pictures of ridiculous memes.

While most of the time not amusing, memes seem to have taken over the Internet. Every site features a random picture with some caption completely unrelated to the origin of the picture.

Some pictures refer to the daily struggles of a teenager, while some focus on more controversial issues like politics.

Memes have become so popular due to their infectious manner, which is like the flu or a cold. They travel from one person to another so quickly becoming one of the biggest social phenomena.

This word meme has its roots in a word coined to describe a rapid spreading of ideas.

The most common type features some human or animal in a destructive state being poked fun of. They have some caption talking about the face they are making or the activity they are doing.

Not only are memes targeting the immature 12-year-old boy but also the parents of those boys. Some of the memes being made entertain an older audiences, such as references to their times and the problems they used to face.

Memes are a rising trend in this social media filled world. The meme trend is not dying down any time soon, unless some sort of other funny Harambe picture evolves.