Styles trades boy-band sound for classic rock on solo debut

Taylor Donahue, Photography Editor

The One Direction days are over and Harry Styles is ready to show his solo rock-star side.

With a ‘70s rock sound, Styles completely separates himself from the pop boy-band image and accomplishes the image of a classic rock-star in his solo debut, Harry Styles.

His rock sound is the highlight of almost every song and will leave listeners questioning if Styles was really that one member from One Direction.

“Kiwi” stands out the most with the new rock sound. The song starts right from the beginning with an Artic Monkeys-like sound that continues through the whole rock song. He continues the hard rock sound with “Only Angel,” featuring a one-of-a-kind rock and roll scream that will make Harry Styles a rock star.

He introduces a more soft-rock sound with tracks like “Carolina,” which mirrors the soft rock of the ‘70s the most. “Woman” also achieves a soft rock vibe that could remind listeners of Prince.

He then brings out a slower and more intimate sound with the popular single “Sign of the Times,” as well as “Sweet Creature,” and “Ever Since New York.”

It is obvious Styles was inspired by several rock legends in his solo debut self-titled album, and he very much accomplishes the sound of the era.