1975 concert fails expectations

1975 concert fails expectations

Andrea Henderson, Photography Editor

Performing almost the exact same set as their last concert, The 1975 did not live up to their hype. The British pop band returned to Pittsburgh on Thursday after only being gone about six months.

Fans of the show began camping out as early as four days before the concert, making a majority of the fans there smelly and disheveled. Fans pushed each other to try to get as close as possible.

The band requested that security allow more people into the pit than they were advised to, making it extremely crowded and difficult to move through.

With barely any room to breathe, fans were going crazy. Repeatedly people would scream when nobody was on stage, and would push and pull hair to try to make their way to the front.

Girls were repeatedly arguing with other fans over who loved lead singer Matty Healy more when trying to get to the front of the crowd.

Stage AE itself is not an ideal venue. The stage is too close to the crowd and not high enough off the ground, making it hard to see if fans are on the floor rather than in the grass.

Whenever the band began its set, it was so hard to hear over the screams of hundreds of 15-year-old girls. Their set overall was subpar, and didn’t really offer anything pleasing to the eye.

The visuals were very weak up until “Loving Someone,” where they featured different colored smoke to form a Gay Pride flag, but unfortunately that was as good as it got.

The band itself played a strong show, but offered nothing more in terms of a performance. When throwing in the lack of space and crazy fans into the mix, the overall concert experience was nothing to rave about.