Baldwin staff members race for good causes

Baldwin staff members race for good causes

Taylor Donahue and Zoe Vongtau

Running long-distance races is an accomplishment enough. But several Baldwin teachers also will be raising money for good causes while in races over the next few months.

Biology teacher Tina Gaser will be participating in the Pittsburgh Marathon on Sunday as part of a five-member relay team to benefit the YMCA of Pittsburgh-Hill District. Gaser is the captain of her team.

To participate, members must raise money, which will go towards the YMCA, which does work with community outreach and youth development.

“This is my first year doing the relay. I am really excited about our team building and the training we have put into this,” Gaser said

Counselor Caroline Babik, meanwhile, will be participating in the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure 5K run and walk on Mother’s Day.

The race raises money both locally and nationally for the Susan G. Komen organizations. The money will go toward developments in cancer research.

“The day for me, as I am running through the crowd and see women in pink shirts like me, is a good kind of overwhelming, and the strength of all the women is what the day is all about,” Babik, a cancer survivor, said.

English teacher Michelle Jenkins will be running in the Marine Corps marathon in Washington, D.C., in October.

Jenkins is independently raising money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation because of her personal ties to Parkinson’s disease.

“My step-father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about 16 years ago and I made it a goal to raise money for this cause,” Jenkins said.

Charity races are not a new concept for Jenkins. She previously participated in a half-marathon in Nashville as a “St. Jude Hero.” She raised about $2,600 for St Jude’s Hospital, and she continues to pursue charity through running.

“One reason that I run is because so many other people don’t have that ability. My step-dad is at the point of losing his ability to walk, and that pushes me to train even harder,” Jenkins said.