Key Club raising awareness of sexual assault

Maggie Hines and Laura Harper

In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the Key Club is selling turquoise ribbons for $1 each day this week during lunch periods, as well as posting statistics about sexual assault throughout the high school.

Key Club sponsor Caroline Babik chose statistics directly relating to high school and college students to create a more dramatic impact.

“Key Club is about service, and our job is to educate students and make them aware of these difficult subjects that tend not to be discussed,” Babik said.

Babik said she hopes the ribbons and statistics will provide a meaningful way to spread awareness about sexual assault and human trafficking, which often go unreported.

Proceeds from the ribbon sales will be donated to, an organization fighting against human trafficking. The Key Club will match the amount raised and donate their portion to Pittsburgh Action Against Rape, or PAAR.

“Most importantly, we urge anyone to come forward and speak to a trusted adult if they have been a victim of sexual assault,” Babik said. “Our goal is to eliminate the stigma and the fear associated with speaking out.”