Musical brings ‘flight’ to stage

Areanne Bivens and Anamarie Martinez

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Since Jason Coll took over directing the Baldwin musical three years ago, he has specialized in introducing lesser-known shows rather than repeating more famous ones.

Baldwin will perform Zorro this year, a show that has only been produced by a few high schools and theaters across the country, Coll said.

“I’m always interested in presenting newer shows that not many people have seen,” Coll said.

Zorro tells the story of young boy who is sent to Spain for training to become king. While Zorro is there he gets kicked out of school and joins a band of wanderers, but he is unaware that the people of his town are being oppressed by his older brother.

Zorro runs April 5-8th.

Sophomore Morgan Traud plays the female lead, Luisa.

“It’s going to be different than a lot of schools because Zorro is such a bold choice,” Traud said. “It is going to be something they have never seen before,”

Senior Nick Cortazzo plays Zorro.

“Some of the show is in Spanish, but the music is so passionate that even though most people are not able to comprehend it, they are still aware of what is going on,” Cortazzo said.

Zorro incorporates some techniques that viewers might not be used to.

“There is a lot of sword fighting. I am learning whip work, which is very loud and very scary,” Cortazzo said. “I also get to fly in the show, so I swing in on some ropes, which is pretty cool,”

With new choreography to learn, preparation for this year’s show is more intense than past years, Cortazzo said.

The cast rehearses almost every day for two-and-a-half months, Coll said.

“There are hours and hours and hours that go into the show that the audience doesn’t get to experience,” Cortazzo agreed.

With the cast, musicians, and stage crew, there are more than 80 students involved in the musical, Coll said.

Sophomore Logan Snyder plays Sergeant Garcia in this year’s production.

“Overall it’s a homey environment at musical. There are small groups in the large group of everybody,” Snyder said. “Nobody is rude or exclusive to anybody, and it’s like a family environment.”

Although there are both new and returning actors, the students all share the same love for the musical, Traud said.

“This group of people loves what they are doing so much,” Traud said. “They are so passionate about what they are doing, so we try to work together to make the best show possible.”