Tedx takes Baldwin

Olivia Farmer, Staff Writer

The importance of plant-based diets, maintaining positivity, and inspiring educators were among the many topics discussed at this afternoon’s first session of the TEDx talks.

The sessions will continue this evening from 7 to 9 p.m. in the auditorium.

Speakers this afternoon included students, teachers, and administrators.

Junior Claire Plunkett opened the TEDx talks by discussing the importance of treating those with disabilities with kindness, and how easy it is to increase their happiness.

“Saying a simple `good morning’ could change someone’s happiness,” Plunkett said.

Junior Robbie Miller discussed the importance of self-reflection. He said people should work to oppose darkness and to keep negative energy out of their lives. Fighting for happiness and simply smiling are effective ways to maintain positivity.

“Happiness is a way of life, and it begins with you,” Miller said.

Jon Peebles, assistant principal at Harrison Middle School, spoke about inspiring today’s educators and the ways that public schools need to motivate their employees as those in the Marines do.

“Administrators must infect teachers with enthusiasm … Like the Marines, public schools need to start trumpeting their own horn,” Peebles said.

English teacher Michelle Jenkins talked about the negative effects of animal agriculture and the positive benefits of a plant-based diet.
“We need to abandon the `it’s not my problem’ mentality,” Jenkins said. “It is our problem. We as humans have been given reason.”