Veep leaves fans yearning for more

Veep leaves fans yearning for more

Avery Greenaway, Staff Writer

Fans of the HBO series who have been wondering for months exactly what former President Selina Meyer has been up to probably tuned in last Sunday for Veep’s season six premiere. And they still don’t know Meyer’s long-term plan of action.

Season six began at the one-year anniversary of Meyer’s historic presidential election loss, with Selina being interviewed by her former campaign manager, Dan Egan, on CBS.

Veep relies on making Meyer’s life as hellish and unsuccessful as possible, and forcing Selina to relive her most humiliating defeat on live television was a great way to kick this season off.

Although Meyer considered running for re-election, her idea was shut down by nearly everyone in her life, including her former chief of staff. At the end of the episode, the audience learns that she has no intentions of attending the Madison-Monroe dinner in Iowa, meaning that she will not be running after all.

Sunday’s episode revealed that other than plotting to run for president, Selina has been playing backgammon with her personal assistant Gary and relying on her daughter for access to her mother’s inheritance for the past year. Such an uneventful reveal makes viewers yearn to know what grander plans are in store for this season.

Another focus of the season premiere was showcasing where everyone else on Selina’s staff ended up after her campaign’s loss, which gave some comic relief.

Still, the inevitable and comical demise of America’s first female president kept viewers interested and laughing.