Mike Will making bigger impact in rap


Timmy Stinelli, Staff Writer

Michael Len Williams, more commonly known as Mike Will Made It has produced many of today’s greatest rap hits.

Some of the most popular songs include “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd, “No Lie” by 2 Chainz, “We Dem Boyz” byWiz Khalifa, and “Black Barbies” by Nicki Minaj. Having produced such popular songs within the last couple years, Mike Will is quickly rising in fame.

He has been producing records since 2011. He has also produced five mixtapes of his own, which have become popular among the producer’s fans.

Mike Will started his career back in 2011 after developing a close relationship with rapper Gucci Mane.

Mike Will’s music style is different from many artists and producers because he works primarily with trap rap/pop, which started in the south among many big name southern rappers.

The producer has brought many southern rappers to fame with his popular and upcoming trap beats. These unique beats are what has led to his rise in the music business throughout the last couple years.

He believes he owes a lot of his success to D.J. Toomp, referring to him as his older brother and mentor. Toomp influenced Williams to get into producing music and inspired him by the work the D.J. does himself.

The young producer has high hopes for the future of his record label, Insomniac Records, and believes it will continue to rise in popularity as he releases new beats and albums. He plans on building a dynasty and expanding on the success he has already received.