Raelynn’s latest album does not meet expectations

Raelynn's latest album does not meet expectations

Morgan Ott, Staff Writer

Raelynn’s latest album, Wildhorse, is filled with songs that took 5 years to produce that do not quite meet the expectations of her audience.

Her slow and simple songs on this album are not able to capture and truly pull the listeners in.

The stories behind her songs are what really highlights her album; however, the lyrics are so bland and boring that the stories behind each song do not outweigh the simple lyrics.

There are not many tracks on this album that really stand out. “Wildhorse” is repetitive and really strays away from the country vibe.

Among the songs that give the album what little life it has is “Love Triangle”, which talks about her parents’ divorce through slow beats and illustrative words.

In addition, “Praying for Rain” is one of the few songs on this album that doesn’t sound like the rest of the tracks.

Even though there are some hidden gems in Wildhorse, it really isn’t worth the time to even give it a