Austrian students visit Baldwin

Avery Greenaway, Anamarie Martinez
Tatjana Vukovic, Jessica Kühschweiger, Lukas Pöllinger, and Lena Pusset pose for their picture.

Baldwin High School gained some temporary students today: the Austrian foreign exchange students had their first day in the high school.

The group arrived in America one week ago and has been to New York City and Washington, D.C. They will be here through April 10.

Activities planned include going to a Pittsburgh Pirates game and taking a three-day trip to Niagara Falls. The students are also planning to explore Pittsburgh by visiting the History Center and the nationality rooms.

Other plans include bowling, going to a drive-in movie, and playing paintball as a group. Some are interested in seeing the high school musical, and they will be part of the morning announcements next week.

The group is especially excited to visit Primanti’s.

“Everyone knows Primanti’s,” said Alois Kickmayer, one of the Austrian adults helping with the trip.

To welcome the exchange students, the German classes had a breakfast party today. Each class is giving the Austrians a look into aspects of Pittsburgh culture, such as the sports teams, food, and places to go like Kennywood or the Gateway Clipper Fleet.

The exchange students also will learn about American culture by attending Baldwin classes.

In addition to observing in classes, they have prepared information about Austria to share with the social studies classes.

“The kids are really excited to present the information to the Americans,” said Johannah Hoessl, another Austrian adult leading the trip.

German teacher Scott Hindman has been involved with the Austrian exchange student program since 2002. The program was started by Kathy Russman, Ann Lindner, and Brigitte Wolfger.