The return of cheesy, unoriginal promposals


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Morgan Ott, S

“I DONUT want to go with anyone else to PROM.” “I know this is CHEESY but…PROM?” “Let’s KICK it at PROM.”

Tis the season for cheesy, overrated, awkward “promposals.”

When prom time rolls around, most people know that they are going to see a multitude of unoriginal, tacky ways to ask a girl or guy to prom.

There does not seem to be a wide variety of methods to ask someone to prom, as most of the promposals are associated with either food, sports, or pop culture.

Nearly all promposals are accompanied with a sign or an object of some sort that is supposed to make the idea of asking someone to prom a bigger deal than it needs to be.

Some people go extremely big when it comes to asking someone to prom, but others choose to stick to the basics like flowers or just simply asking the other person.

Not everything has to be to an extreme. Things can still be simple, especially prom.

A lot of chaos is caused because of a dance that seems to be just like every other one. The only difference is that prom is a fancier and more expensive event.

Promposals usually make too big of a deal about prom and sometimes can be tremendously awkward. This is especially true if the act is widely announced and in front of many people.

For couples that already know they will go together, promposals aren’t as uncomfortable and have the potential to be annoyingly adorable.

Many boyfriends seem to go out of the way for their girlfriends to ask them to prom in an original way. Even though the promposal may be cute and perfectly planned, it is still unnecessary.

It is understood that the prom is supposed to be special and a night to remember. However, it should not have to be perfect and should be a night of enjoyment.

While promposals can be seen as a romantic or thoughtful gesture, prom is already made into a big enough deal. A straightforward “Will you go to prom with me?” should become the status quo again.