Designers’ prove to be copying one another

Laura Basciotta, Staff Writer

With the approach of prom season, most girls are constantly on their phones checking the spring 2017 lines from popular designers like Jovani, Sherri Hill, and Rachel Allen.

Many girls spend their prom season hunting for their dress, as they spend the day with their mom going from store to store just to finally find the dress that is perfect.

Each fashion line seems to mimick the othesr as they take ideas that their competitors did well last year and try to put their own spin on it.

When Sherri Hill released its 2015 line, the two-piece dress became a style game-changer for the prom industry as the following year every line carried the new popular style.

Jovani, Sherri Hill, and Rachel Allen as well as various other brands have struggled to produce a style to top this popular one produced two years ago.

Florals became popular following the release of the Rachel Allen line featuring bright florals of pink, blue, and yellow in the 2016 line.

This year’s spring line from Sherri Hill tries to take over this popular trend of florals by producing various patterned dresses instead of the simple solid-color dresses. Sherri Hill created various printed patterns found primarily in the signature two-piece look.

Jovani’s signature look comes from its staple of the iconic mermaid silhouettes paired with classic bold colors of black, red, and white. Jovani successfully tops Rachel Allen and Sherri Hill in this design as it has produced a dress that anyone can look stunning in.

When the 2017 spring looks were released back in the winter and fall, the designers did at least try to produce a few original ideas not seen in previous lines.

This year full skirts make an appearance as a dominant look found in the three designers’ lines, as well as the unique look of a detachable skirt. These new trends produced this year will potentially be successful as girls look for that stand-out dress.

All the designers constantly try to make a unique style that no other designer will use to brand their spring line, but fail to do so as all the lines seem to copy each other.