Baldwin robots hold up under competition

Baldwin’s BotsIQ had a competition against other local colleges and high schools on Friday at Westmoreland County Community College.

“It is a great time and a really cool experience working together on the bots,” sophomore Alex Kindling said.

This program allows students to build and design robots, and then have them fight to see which has the better design.

Baldwin designed two battle bots: El Sol and Will It Blend? They have been working on these robots since September.

Although the Will It Blend? robot was not finished in time to compete in the battle, it still won by default. The El Sol robot won four out of the six fights, but suffered a blow in the motor that will need to be repaired.

With the next competition a month away, the teams are working to get both bots ready for more battles.

“We want to fix all of the problems on El Sol,” Kindling said, “and our goal is to finally finish Will It Blend?”