Senior hand print day brings emotions

Zgurich Natalie
2017 seniors place their hand prints on their wall.

Senioritis apparently got put on hold today, as seniors reminisced on their high school years while they put their senior handprints on the stairway wall.

This event is always highly anticipated and seems to bring a sentimental feeling even to those who insist they’re ready to depart BHS.

For Jake Freund, today meant he was finally able to join his brother, a graduate, in having a handprint on a wall.

“By getting my hand on the wall I feel like I’ve accomplished something,” Freund said, “It feels great.”

Sydney Kaercher and Amanda Bernick were fortunate enough to have their handprints near each other, and they even saved room for their friend’s handprint.

“It really hit me that we are going to be graduating,” Bernick said.

Collin Ammann feels honored to have his hand on the wall of the school where he spent all four years of high school.

“After I put my hand up there I felt like I was a part of a team,” Ammann said.

Senior class co-sponsor Daniel Harrold said the tradition began when the seniors of 2010, the first graduating class to spend a full year in the new building, put their handprints in the stairwell.

“These students had been there through the whole construction, and they were just seeing the final product,” Harrold said. “Since they were the first class, they could leave their mark on the school.”

The question still remains of what will happen when all the stairwells are full, Harrold said.

“We have enough space all the way up till 2021,” Harrold said. “What we do after that, we’ll have to wait and see.”