Before I fall connects to teenagers


Paige Crawley, Staff Writer

If Groundhog Day and Mean Girls had a baby, it would be Before I Fall.  Before I Fall is a drama-mystery that tells the story of a popular girl named Sam (Zoey Deutch) who dies on Valentine’s Day in a car crash and must relive the same day until she figures out what needs to be changed.

The movie touches on important concepts like suicide as an effect of bullying.  A lot of teens will be reminded that words really impact others, just as Sam realizes how her actions had been affecting others.

There are some comical moments to lighten the heavy mood, as well as touching moments between Sam and her little sister.

Like most Hollywood movies, though, Before I Fall heavily exaggerates the lives of teenagers, as most real-life students would agree that high school is not that dramatic.

Still, the movie contains a strong message about treating each other kindly and not taking the life you have for granted.  It will keep viewers’ interest and spark some self-reflection.